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Infrared Body Wraps WORK!

Sweating provides safe, natural and AMAZING benefits to your health & wellness! By utilizing infrared body wraps; your body naturally detoxifies itself and helps to burn calories at a higher rate than exercise alone.  Most infrared body wraps can burn 600 + calories in approximately 60 minutes. Here are some wonderful reasons why you should consider…

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Why Going to Gym = No Results!

Where is your plan?  Without a plan, your workout can be a waste of time. You cannot work out your biceps, your triceps and your back in the same day. Your plan is defined by your body goals.  Mon/Fri – Legs; Tues/Thurs – Upper Body; Wed – Core.  What is you plan by classes.  Put on your…

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Cryoskin vs. Cool Sculpting

Cryoskin vs. Cool Sculpting Cryoskin is the better system for utilizing cryotherapy for slimming and toning.  1) Cryoskin is instant.  Coolsculpting takes 12 weeks. 2) Coolsculpting hurts.  88% enjoy Cryoskin like a massage, 12% say it’s bearable (due to cold feeling). 3) Coolsculpting has incidences of “shelving” (fat collecting in other areas due to the…

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What is Cellulite at SlimCo Nashville

get rid of cellulite

You have mentioned cellulite. You can get rid of that with Laser Lipo and RF Cavitation. What is cellulite? Cellulite is basically fatty pockets that are sitting right up under the skin. It looks almost like an orange peel with bumps and rough skin. For some people it’s a little worse than others. A lot…

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SlimCo Nashville Nutritional Counseling Services

nutritional counseling

How Does Nutritional Counseling work at SlimCo? Since every person is different, and every body is different, nutritional counseling is going to be different for everyone who comes in to SlimCo Nashville. Not to mention that you all have different goals for your overall health and appearance. Our goal is to make sure that you…

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Dieter’s Tea Basics from SlimCo Nashville

dieter's tea

What are the dieter’s tea basics I need to know? First of all, you need to know what is in it and exactly what it is used for. Dieter’s tea is a tea made from the herb, senna. It is a popular drink for those who are on a diet. However, one does not need…

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How Does RF Cavitation for Acne and Cystic Acne Work?

RF Cavitation for acne

How Does RF Cavitation for Acne and Cystic Acne Work? Fortunately, RF Cavitation for Acne and Cystic Acne is a very effective procedure for most of our clients. The best thing about the process is that it includes a hot and a cold hammer. It’s just one piece of the overall RF Cavitation capabilities. It…

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What is RF Cavitation at SlimCo Nashville?

rf cavitation

What is RF Cavitation? RF cavitation is radio frequency cavitation. It works almost like or similarly to laser lipo because breaks up the fat right up under the epidermis. It helps you to get rid of the fat through the natural process of elimination. But it has added benefits that you don’t get from laser…

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What To Do After Laser Liposuction for the Best Results

after laser liposuction

After laser liposuction, what are the things someone can do once they get home to make sure they get the best results?  Water Ditch the soda. Ditch the juice. Stop drinking sugar-laden coffees and smoothies, and just opt for water. Water is the very best thing for you after laser liposuction. It will hydrate you…

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