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Using the Full Body Vibration Machine After Laser Liposuction

What Do We Need to Know About the Full Body Vibration Machine?

The full body vibration machine is a machine that we use after your laser liposuction session. The machine shakes you from head to toe which helps your body to release more calories. It is similar to those old style shaking machines your mother or grandmother might have used, but they have updated them for the modern age! What is surprising to most people is that you can actually burn up to 12 calories each minute that you are on the full body vibration machine.

How Do You Know I Can Get Laser Lipo and Use the Machine? Are They Safe?

From the very beginning of your appointment, we start to find out about your medical history. We ask about your current health issues to make sure that you are qualified for the treatment itself. Not that issues like cancer, tumors, pregnancy, or actively breastfeeding will disqualify you from treatment. Then, when it is time to get on the vibration machine, we ask some additional questions.

For instance, we’ll ask if you have…



Diabetes with neuropathy

Retinal damage

Spinal issues

Joint replacement

or Recent Surgeries

We are very careful to make sure that getting on the vibration machine will not cause you any harm. Should you not be able to use the machine, we recommend that you walk at least 5 days each week for 30 minutes or more. It’s an alternative that most people find accommodating.

What is the Vibration Machine Like?

Once you are on the vibration machine, it may feel a little funny. After all, you are continually shaking your whole body for 10 minutes. But most of our clients, once they step off, they are in awe. You could feel a bit like you are still moving for a while once you are finished. This is completely normal, and that feeling tends to reduce with each use. Most patients feel invigorated and ready to take on the rest of their day.