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Laser Lipo Paddles – Are They the Best Equipment Option?

Do all technicians use Laser Lipo paddles? Are there other options? 

We use laser lipo paddles at SlimCo Nashville. The laser lipo paddles are  These are the laser lipo paddles that actually go on the body. It depends on where you’re wanting to receive the service, whether it’s upper, lower, abs, front or back of thighs, inner thighs, sides of thighs, arms, etc. Those paddles go directly in that area.

The one good thing about the paddle is it doesn’t just do it in the area where the paddle sits. Because they’re lasers, they actually have a two inch hold that extends out from the top and the bottom. So in that way, we have a wider range of area that we’re able to work on.

Laser Lipo Equipment Options

Now, when you look at laser lipo, there are some other options available. There are other lasers that come in what looks like a light. The technicians just push the red light and they pull it over your body and it just sits there. Some of them rotate. Some of them don’t. It just depends on which equipment that that particular provider purchased. They do exactly the same thing. The only difference is the lights are not exactly on the body or on the skin. It kind of hovers over that area.

So which works better? Laser Lipo Paddles or Laser Lipo Lights?

Now, I will admit we’ve had quite a few people who have had that type of service from another facility. They did not see the results they wanted, so they ended up coming to us. For whatever reason, perhaps the paddles being directly on the skin, they were able to see the results that they wanted. For the most part, it depends on the provider you’re going to, and what type of equipment that they use. We use the paddles because we find that they give the best results.