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The First Laser Liposuction Appointment – What Happens?

What Happens At the First Laser Liposuction Appointment?

For your first Laser Liposuction appointment, you will need to fill out some standard paperwork. We have a liability consent form that we go over with you, and there is also a credit card form that is used if you are late for an appointment, you are a no show, you cancel, or if you reschedule less than 24 hours from your appointment. Otherwise, we don’t use that.

After the paperwork is completed, we have you go into the treatment area so that we can discuss the total process with you. This is where we fully go into the details of the laser lipo process. Most people go through four rounds of lipo treatment, or four to six rounds. You can choose to do a total of six, nine, or 12 total treatments depending on what your personal goals are. The majority of people do four rounds either reach their goal or be well on the way to to their goal.

Body Mass Index

Your overall goal depends primarily on your body mass index, or your BMI. If you have a BMI that is over 30, you will require more treatments that someone who has a lower BMI. Everything depends on where you are when you start.

We take measurements of several areas of your body, and weigh you to know your baseline numbers. You should not eat anything one hour prior to your appointment or two hours after. This is because if you are trying to release fats with the laser lipo, and you are taking in fats, your body doesn’t work ideally for releasing and it just ends up retaining.

What To Eat and Drink

We go over in detail everything that you can eat and drink. Basically, you can have all of the water you want, anytime. Even right before your appointment or after. You can also have steeped green tea, as much as you’d like. Ideally, it is organic green tea. You cannot have teas that come in bottles off the shelves, so nothing like Sobe or Lipton. Those tend to have very large amounts of sugar.

If you want to play it extra safe, we have dieter’s tea for sale that is delicious and comes in several types and flavors for some variety. It really helps if you are hungry after the treatment, you will not be leaving the appointment starving if you grab some dieter’s tea on the way out. But mostly, we ask you to stick with good old water. We want you to drink up to half your body weight in oz, but not more than a full gallon per day.

Your Healthy Diet

After we have your liquids situation, we talk about your diet, or everything that you typically eat. We go over this because your diet is primarily where your fat is coming from. Yes, there can a genetic component, or some other issue, but typically, it is diet. The first step is knowing exactly what you are eating and understanding how it ends up as fat on your body.

We have two plans for eating that we mail to your inbox. Those are great to follow, but another recommendation we have is to just go by what is on your plate. Make sure you have half of it veggies, 1/4 protein, and 1/4 fruit or carbohydrates. If you follow this simple formula, you will see that you can drop some pounds and get to your goal quicker.

Move, Move, Move

Fortunately, you will not need to overdue it with exercise for the laser liposuction to work. But we are going to ask you to move a bit. No crazy weights or insane cardio at the gym, unless that’s your thing. We just want you to move a bit with 30 minutes of walking each day for five days per week. The goal is to not be sitting around and being sedentary most of the time. So, you have the laser liposuction to give you a boost, but your diet and this small bit of movement will certainly help.

Treadmill or Elliptical

Because consistency is critical, we ask you to use an elliptical or treadmill simply because you can set it and forget it. Set it to at least a 3.5 for 30 minutes so you can stay at a steady pace. Walking outside is ok too, but you might be inclined to slow down too much and not get your heart rate where it needs to be.

Paddles and Body Areas

After going over diet and exercise, we discussed where we will place the lipo paddles. The exact placement depends on how many areas you want to target. Most of our clients go for two areas, but several opt for up to four. For each paddle, the lights come on that lets you know the lasers are on and targeted the underside of the epidermis. This is when it breaks up the fat cells so that they can be eliminated through your body. Once everything is clear, we start the treatment to begin getting rid of your unwanted fat.