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SlimCo Nashville – How Hot Are the Lasers?

One of our most popular questions…”How Hot are the Lasers?”

It is one we hear a lot here at Slimco Nashville – “How hot are the lasers?” It’s definitely something that is often concerning for clients, but there isn’t much to be worried about when it comes to laser lipo. Our goal is always for our clients’ comfort and satisfaction. 

But to get to the heart of the lasers and how they feel, for most of our clients, they don’t feel any discomfort. But there are a few who do feel some heat. It just depends on how sensitive you are. It varies from individual to individual. In fact, we have some clients who don’t feel anything and ask us to turn the machine up higher. It’s a myth that having more heat means that more fat is burning away. Our answer to this comment is that turning up the unit will not result in any additional loss of fat.

Here’s a little analogy we like to use…

Let’s say you are going to run a marathon. You might decide that you are going to pace yourself for the first 10 miles and then go really fast at the end. Or you could come out of the gates at full speed, and relax a bit more coming into the last few miles. Either way, it is still 26.2 miles. You still have 26.2 miles to travel from A to B. Our laser units have an optimal setting that is just the right amount of energy to keep you comfortable and burn the ideal amount of fat.

If you are especially sensitive, then the lasers may get quite to you. Sometimes clients say that it feel a bit irritating or annoying. There can be an itchy sensation, or you may feel tingly. This varies from person to person. It definitely doesn’t happen like this for all of our clients, but occasionally we have someone who

Now, if you’re a little bit more sensitive, it can get hot. It can become very irritating. Some people itch and some people have this annoyed, tingly feeling. It just depends on who you are. It doesn’t work like that for everyone, but a few may experience this feelings. Most clients are able to adapt to the feelings and complete their treatments.