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Using the Body Analyzer to Define Your Best Treatment Options

What is the SlimCo Body Analyzer and how does it work? 

The thing about the Body Analyzer is it’s really a very simple machine. You just sit down and you hold what we call a nebulizer. Now, most people say, “Oh, you have something over your face?” No, you don’t. It’s just in your hand. You don’t have to hold it very tight, but you hold it and sit still for 60 seconds.

60 Seconds to Great Insight

Within that 60 seconds, we’re able to discover the source of your sub optimum health. In essence, it takes the magnetic fields from your cells and it sees how quickly or how slowly they actually duplicate or split. Then that information is processed through the computer. The only thing that we initially ask from you is your name, if you’re male or female, your date of birth, how much you weigh, and your height. That’s the only information we input. We don’t need to know and we don’t need to ask any health questions because that’s what the system does for you.

In 60 seconds the scanner will come back and tell us some information. The body scanner will target and lock on your digestive issues, your liver, your kidney problems, your vitamin levels, your cardiovascular issues, vitamin, mineral, and amino acid deficiencies. You’d be surprised at how accurate it is. A lot of times when people come in, they’re very skeptical. It’s like, “Oh, it’s not going to pick this up. It’s not going to pick this up.” I’m say, ” My job is to give you the information. I don’t know what it’s going to pick up. We’ll see what it says when it’s done.” Once they complete that 60 seconds, then the system takes about maybe another 120 seconds to actually put the report together. We actually give you that 99-page report. It’s a 99-page report.

You’d be amazed at what you can learn in just a minute.

Then what we’ll do is we’ll go over that report with you. In essence it only takes 60 seconds to do the test, another 120 seconds to basically pull the information together, and then after that we use the rest of the time to go over everything with you. That way you can see and decide for yourself it it captured your data correctly.

I’ve done one on myself and then I’ve done another one recently, because I just completed a cleanse for 30 days. I wanted to make sure that I detoxed my body to see if there was going to be any changes. I like to be the guinea pig.

When I went back after my 30 days, I found that there was a significant difference I was having. It showed a lot of elevated levels in my cardiovascular. All of them went down. I also looked at some other issues that were going on with me. For instance blood levels, where it shows blood sugar, blood sugar level was a little high. It went down. It’s amazing at the things that you can find out, even with a comparison body analyzer session. Our goal is to make sure that we’re able to give you the information you need upfront.

Once you receive that information, that’s when the nutritional cleaning and our three-step health and wellness program comes in. That three-step health and wellness program starts with a detox. Then it goes into nutritional supplement, and then it goes into maintenance. The main thing we want to do is start off with detoxing your body. Your body cannot absorb what’s wonderful and great and good for it when you are too busy trying to pass the toxins through your system.

You want a clean body so that it’s more apt for absorbing things that it needs in order for it to function at optimum.

Determining Your Best Treatment Options

That’s exactly what we do. Then, from there, when you complete that body analysis, we also can determine what treatments work best for you. Let’s say, we have someone who says, “I really need to lose 50 pounds.” I might say “Okay. 50 pounds is a lot of weight to lose in a short period of time.” Most people, it takes them about a year to safely lose 50 pounds or more.

What we’ll do is we’ll show you how to jumpstart. We’ll get you on a process of getting the right treatments put in place. I can’t just say, “Oh, well, Laser Lipo is for you.” It may not necessarily be for you. We really have to look at what your overall goal is in terms of also losing the weight. Because for some people, they have things like cellulite and stretch marks they are trying to get rid of as well. 

If that happens to be the case, you might want to start with a combination of Laser Lipo and RF Cavitation. That way we can actually work on both. Not only are we emulsifying fat, we’re also tightening the skin, contouring the body, bringing that elasticity and collagen back into that area, and making the skin look a lot more youthful.

We basically can customize your program and the treatments that you receive in our offices based upon what we see during your body analyzer session.