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What is Cellulite at SlimCo Nashville

You have mentioned cellulite. You can get rid of that with Laser Lipo and RF Cavitation. What is cellulite?

Cellulite is basically fatty pockets that are sitting right up under the skin. It looks almost like an orange peel with bumps and rough skin. For some people it’s a little worse than others. A lot of it is based upon hereditary. If you’ve had somebody in the family who’s had a lot of cellulite and it’s been passed along to you, you’re the lucky person that picked it up. 

Can We Get Rid of Cellulite?

Cellulite is not something that you can totally get rid of. But you can diminish it to the point where it’s almost nonexistent. You can get it to where it’s not so visible. It’s just like with stretch marks. There’s no cure for that, but we can get it where it’s not so visible and so startling that every time you look at it, you’re just like, “Oh gosh. I see this.” We can make it where it looks a lot more smoother. That way you feel more confident in your clothes. Not only that, if you want to be beach ready, you can feel a little bit more confident in your swimsuit or your shorts. Most women have cellulite, whether it be on the front or the back of the thighs, right around the butt line or what I like to call the smile line of the butt.

Where Do We Find Cellulite and Stretch Marks?

Women tend to have a lot of cellulite there and stretch marks are usually around the arms. When I say the arms, I mean right where the arms meet where the body is. Also, in the stomach, of course if you’ve had children, you notice the body stretches. Then also on the buttocks. We find that a lot of times women have a lot of stretch marks on the buttocks. Now, you will see cellulite on the buttocks but I have found that in most cases, it’s not that bad because usually we can do some exercises along with RF Cavitation to help smooth that out, and round out the butt. In that way it looks a little bit more fuller and also rounded out a little bit more. Not only that, it makes the skin look a whole lot smoother.

The Laser Lipo and the RF Cavitation help to diminish the fat levels that are right underneath the skin?

Yes. Both Laser Lipo and RF Cavitation have one thing in common. They both emulsify fat. That’s the only thing that they have in common. When you’re dealing with Laser Lipo, that’s all it does. It emulsifies fat. When you do RF Cavitation, it has added benefits to it because we also use LED or near infrared light so then that helps, too. There’s heat and a heating element that’s involved in it as well.

That helps us to be able to, I hate to say manipulate, but in essence that’s what you’re doing. You’re manipulating the fat that’s up under there, and you’re able to push it closer to where you can get that better lymph node drainage. You actually push toward the lymph nodes within the body, so in that way it has a better way of getting out of the system a whole lot faster. That’s one of the reasons why we incorporate water, water, “Drink your water.” If you’re not drinking water, you’re going to have a hard time flushing that out of your system.

One of the things that we really want to emphasize is that water is the key to everything. It’s the key to any treatment that you receive in our facility. It doesn’t matter if it’s for just regular skin care, or if it’s for weight loss. Even if you’re doing lashes, it’s essential that you drink water, because if you’re not drinking water, your body can’t stay hydrated. If the body is not hydrated, the body can’t function at its optimum level. That includes even growing lashes. It’s something people don’t often realize.