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What is RF Cavitation at SlimCo Nashville?

What is RF Cavitation?

RF cavitation is radio frequency cavitation. It works almost like or similarly to laser lipo because breaks up the fat right up under the epidermis. It helps you to get rid of the fat through the natural process of elimination. But it has added benefits that you don’t get from laser lipo. The primary added benefit is it helps to bring elasticity and collagen back into those areas that you treat. That helps to shrink up cellulite and stretch marks. It also, if you’re using it on the face or neck, can help to eliminate fine and small lines. A lot of people who use Botox and things of that nature actually can do RF and get just as good or better results.

The one thing that we tell our clients is that RF Cavitation will not stiffen those areas. So you don’t have to worry about not being able to raise your eyebrows like when you have Botox. It will smooth the skin out to make it look more youthful. It also brings in the tightening of the skin so then you don’t have to worry about doing a full face lift or something similar. 

Body Contouring

If you want body contouring and want to pull the stomach and obliques in, RF Cavitation will do that. That way you have that ability to contour the body so you can make it look a little bit better in certain areas. The body contouring is great for people who want to do abs, thigh work, buttocks, or even the flank. One of the things that I have found is that a lot of people do combination laser lipo and RF packages. We have these available where you can get six treatments of each.

Pricing for RF Cavitation

And they’re priced really, really well. They’re not discounted though, they’re not on our membership or anything of that nature because we do have a membership at our locations. It is priced really well so you can get both at a very decent price. They are priced so you can get the benefits of both worlds. So in essence, you’re getting not just the emulsification of the fat, you’re also receiving the skin tightening, body contouring, the cellulite reduction, the stretch mark reduction. You can get all of that.

Body Areas for RF Cavitation

Now, it’s only in specific areas. We don’t do it in all areas all of the body. We do it in the areas that most people want the RF and laser lipo combination, which would be your abs, the front of your thighs, your back of your thighs, or what we consider your whole back. This covers your bra and your flank area. Those are the primary areas that we can treat with the combination. Get in touch with us today to learn how you can get started.