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What To Do After Laser Liposuction for the Best Results

After laser liposuction, what are the things someone can do once they get home to make sure they get the best results? 


Ditch the soda. Ditch the juice. Stop drinking sugar-laden coffees and smoothies, and just opt for water. Water is the very best thing for you after laser liposuction. It will hydrate you and help your body to work. It’s the biggest tip we have to give – drink water. 


The second thing you can do at home is to adjust your diet. Listen, even if you had traditional liposuction, you need to change your diet in order for it to work at its maximum level. Eating a clean, healthy diet will go a long way in helping the laser liposuction do what it is supposed to do. Now is the time to get a jump start on your health and start consuming healthy foods.


The minimum amount of exercise we like to recommend is just 30 minutes of walking for five days each week. That’s doable, right? You need to exercise so that your body can get active and do all of the wonderful things it can do. Still, you don’t have to go to the gym (if you do, great) but just this walking regimen will help a lot. Other exercises you can do right at home that can help are strength training exercises using your own body weight. Yoga and pilates fit in here and are great for helping you develop a strong core. 


One of the potential side effects from the paddles we use is that the lasers can sometimes cause the skin to get dry and flaky. So, to offset this, we ask you to keep those areas especially well moisturized.

We recommend moisturizers with natural ingredients like cocoa butter, shea, coconut oil and others. However, if you don’t have these on hand, we sell them here in our office so you can get a supply after your treatment. We’ll recommend the best moisturizers for your skin types.

One of our creams that is very popular is a hibiscus and rose ham oil. While it has oil in the name, it’s technically a cream. It helps with all sorts of skin issues from stretch marks to elasticity. The packaging is an 8 oz container and you only need to use a very small amount each time. It will last for about 6 months and you’ll notice improvements in your skin within about 2-3 weeks.